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Amnezia Haze
Mar Member 2019

Amnezia Haze

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Hey there, maybe alot of people don't care what I may have to say, but for those who do: you welcome.

I started playing runescape like 12 years ago, it always was and will be a part of my life.
Even when Eoc came, which I don't fully like, but i tolerated it.
But with the years I got more and more sad thinking about that game; thinking about my life.
I've been struggling with depression since I'm like 7, thats why I love Runscape, it makes me escape my problems, escape my suicidal thoughts and stuff. it's not easy at all talking about my problems, especially here. Whenever I had a depression attack, I used to play runescape, or ,,nolife" it, how many people call it.
With the years, there came couple things that really ruined this ,,fake world" for me..
on one side it's good that I broke that habbit of playing runescape and ,,forgetting" my problems.
so many empty promises, unthought updates and almost on every corner pay2win.

so in the end, I ended in Runescape where I ended in my reallife making my situation ,,unescapable"

Everywhere I look, I see people talking too much, doing nothing but benefeting themselves, even there where I used to escape from these. ( I don't talk about the community while associating runescape with my reallife, so please don't get offended)

I don't want to be a part of this wheel anymore. I really gotta say, some people may be stronger; but this whole ,,waiting" and ,,charging with exta money for extra content" really broke my trust in JaGex.. JaGex and RuneScape were the last things that really made me happy.. until now ( and a few years ago )
You guys always talk about you care about mental health..
here you see my dilemma; suffering from depression since childhood, escaping into your game; realizing I can't escape because JaGex does what the whole world does, empty promises and just wanting my blood.

I quited runescape for a few month, my depression got stronger in that time because
JaGex is our own Illuminati! /\

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Amnezia Haze
Mar Member 2019

Amnezia Haze

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now, I returned.. thanks to twitch prime membership i have a chance to look at this game again.. and what i see: nothing has changed..
i've been hyped for runescape mobile and the bankupdate because I was really happy to see those updates.. instead: there's no real bankupdate, my bank is still full. I can't afford enough runecoins to extend my bank space, so i end up selling/destroying my items which i kinda wanted to hoard..

And with runescape mobile.. yea it may be bad luck but.. since now, even tho I play since 12 years, i've never ever been accepted to any beta. is my opinion really that low..?

stuff like that just makes me more and more depressed, some of you can maybe relate, some don't.

thats why I wanted to tell you guys, I don't enjoy that game which was one of the last things cheering me up at all.

thanks for listening, have a nice day..
JaGex is our own Illuminati! /\

20-Mar-2019 10:03:24

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I agree with some parts, but the reason why I am still playing is because I like to hang out on Discord with friends and just laugh about the silly content Jagex sometimes makes & play it.
I used to play like 16 hours a day, freaking crazy, but since I made friends on Rs, I play other games with them as well an do Runescape whenever I see fit.

- I already gave up on 'being the best' and try to max out ASAP before others due to MTX.
- I do not care about having 20 seconds longer kills on bosses than most, seriously who cares
- I do not care about people instantly have +20m exp on a skill because of the use from TH promo's
- I do not care about wealthy players, heck most billionaire titles are fake to begin with...
- ...

What I am saying is, please play the game on your own pace, don't care about others and
it's best to play for yourself and not for other people, this is what I learned from playing a long time. Feel free to add me in game for idk, fancy bossing or skill together or just to talk.
Hello Moto

20-Mar-2019 10:41:32

Haven   Hell
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Haven   Hell

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I was looking forward to the bank rework too. Mobile not so much, but it would have come in handy when away from pc on a trip or something. Unfortunately jagex has been known to postpone the most interesting updates to no end. Look at the m&s rework, they've been talking about it since 2010 if not longer.
For your mental health I have 2 pieces of advice that worked for me:
1. clear the clutter around you (yes, that includes even your rs bank, funny how that of all things helps).
2. start working out or doing any kind of physical activity (start with once a week and see if it makes you feel any better; hopefully you are in a situation were you can do it).

I know it's been a lot of unfulfilled promises the past years, but as Konota said, just play it for fun and at your own pace.
Please, do continue to live, you will find something or someone that alleviates and helps you deal with depression.

22-Mar-2019 07:29:30

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