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Haven   Hell

Haven   Hell

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I was looking forward to the bank rework too. Mobile not so much, but it would have come in handy when away from pc on a trip or something. Unfortunately jagex has been known to postpone the most interesting updates to no end. Look at the m&s rework, they've been talking about it since 2010 if not longer.
For your mental health I have 2 pieces of advice that worked for me:
1. clear the clutter around you (yes, that includes even your rs bank, funny how that of all things helps).
2. start working out or doing any kind of physical activity (start with once a week and see if it makes you feel any better; hopefully you are in a situation were you can do it).

I know it's been a lot of unfulfilled promises the past years, but as Konota said, just play it for fun and at your own pace.
Please, do continue to live, you will find something or someone that alleviates and helps you deal with depression.

22-Mar-2019 07:29:30

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