to many stone spirits

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Rikornak said:
Alktenalfh said:
Yep. Spirit stones are useless. Get rid of the darn things.

Why not fix them? Yes they are useless as is - and that is a perfect reason to make something appealing out of them.

Jagex should remove them off boss drop tables and make them obtainable in similar quanties from elsewhere such as from the Seren Spirits or those mining geodes.

Stone spirits from the Seren Spirits would be occasionally dropped depending on which table you land on the RDT. The gem table should give T1 to T50 stone spirits (copper to runite), the rare table T60 to T90 stone spirits (orichalcite to animica ore), and the super rare table T80 to T90 stone spirits (banite to animica ore) in a larger quantity.

For the geodes, stone spirits should match what tier rocks give the respective geode. So, T1 to T50 stone spirits should be available from Sedimentary geodes, T60 to T90 stone spirits from Igneous geodes, and a higher quantity of T80 to T90 stone spirits from Metamorphic geodes.

This makes sense on the geodes, because players mining the rocks mined to obtain the said geodes adhere to the tier range of stone spirit already. The players bringing them into the game are the ones who will actually use them, and rather than being a flat out nerf to PVM, despite what Mod Jack says.

After they fix this oversight, Jagex then should fix them, because guaranteed double ore is useless for the majority of players. There are way more useful perks that could be added, such as XP boosts, etc.
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