Augmenting Helmets

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Hello all, I'm sure this has come up before but seriously can we explore the possibility of augmenting head slot items? I know what you are gonna say. ITS GONNA MAKE DA TINGS O-PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. But what if there were major restrictions? Now thats a whole lotta what if but lets explore what I have in mind. First off the gizmos that go into them cannot have more than 1 perk. Second, only items that DONT degrade to dust can be augmented. This will avoid people with max gear augmenting high level items. Lets discuss...
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I supported this on Inventions announcement so I'll stay consistent and support this, but under certain conditions for the sake of balance

-Divine drain rate and XP gain is halved compared to body/leg armor. Basically same as off-hands.

-Allows 1 Armor gizmo attached, unlike Body/Leg armor that allows 2. No other restrictions.

I think "gizmos cannot have more than 1 perk" is too easily avoidable, as players will just put "Enhanced Devotion 3" on it, and just reducing it to 1 gizmo is far easier.

-For consistency, yes items that degrade to dust should be augmented in the same way as degrade to dust body/leg armor, but costing 18 Divine Charges rather than 36 (due to halved rate). It would be unfair for TMW helms to be augmentable but Elite Sirenic/Tectonic Helms not to.
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lock augmented helmets behind a quest with extremely challenging puzzles, require a unique helmet gizmo shell and make perks that are unique to helmets so that existing perks cannot be used on the helmet. these helmet perks should only use rare components and should not compete with any existing perks in any way. otherwise no support Tell us about useless, low effort, non trolly posts here!
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