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* Obtain maximum reputation with the Goebies on Mazcab
* Obtain maximum reputation in the Heart of Gielinor (GWD2)
* Unlock all abilities (this would track raids abilities, reprisal, scare tactics, ED2 abilities, shattered worlds abilities, and abilities from GWD1)
* Research all Invention blueprints
* Unlock the ability to toggle all Doomsayer warnings
* Obtain all miscellaneous Dungeoneering journals
* Obtain all 8 possible greegrees and use them to create an omni-greegree


* Deposit some loot in Heist without being disguised
* Contribute one of each resource towards making rum in a game of Trouble Brewing
* Complete a game of Fishing Trawler while wearing the Shark's tooth necklace
* Extinguish a barricade in a game of Castle Wars using a bucket of water
* Complete a game of Stealing Creating where all resources on the map have been exhausted
* Get poisoned by spinners in Pest Control
* While being the hunted, pass through all four houses during a game of Fist of Guthix
* Pickpocket another player in Flash Powder Factory while wearing full Factory outfit

Weird shit

* Bury some bones in each of Gielinor's cemeteries (Lumbridge, Port Sarim, Canifis, Forgotten Cemetery, Graveyard of Shadows, West Ardougne)
* Kill yourself with Balanced strike
* Use the "think" emote while wearing full Thinker robes set
* Talk to Postie Pete whilst being skulled and having a regular skull, a Vecna's skull, a Shade skull, and a Skull of Remembrance in your inventory.
* Collect more than 200 tears in a game of Tears of Guthix
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