Morvran Task Guidelines v3

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Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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A big portion of the guide is outdated. Consider the following:

Ascension creatures can be killed with AOE mage for a quick task.

Crystal shapeshifters can be AOEd in psd with mech chins or melee.

Elves can be killed in Iowerth district for 6 elves in a row. Can also be farmed in psd for crystal components.

Edimu can be AOEd with cannon for tons of kills.

Lava wyrms can be killed for money with wilderness 4 sword for noted ashes.

Mutated jadincos always skip. Bad xp and money.

Shadow creatures can be killed in psd with AOE melee for great xp.

Corrupted workers should be killed with melee and aggression pots.

Crocodile akh gives the best slayer xp with melee AOE. More than warriors and gorillas.

25-May-2018 22:07:59

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