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I have finished Easy. finished Med 11, 12, 13 * Tried 14, 15, 16, Failure* Tried 17 no problem.
I need the Free Prophcy to attempt Blood Runs Deep.
Do I have to do the Fairy Tale II and III Only did Fairy tale 1?
Other than the Fairy Quests I have everything covered.
My problems began with the smelting furnace does not bring up crafting molten glass.
I tried glass from my bank to make the glass vials. That does work altho it does not reward me.

????? at a loss
Seren Harmony

12-Oct-2019 21:58:17

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You do need to partially complete A Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen

As for the glass, the crafting menu is found by scrolling down the lefthand column of the smelting menu to the "casting metals' section. Then the crafting menu should appear in the middle column.

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12-Oct-2019 23:11:05

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