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This February, something very exciting is happening.

We'll be celebrating our Developers' passion projects - things they really want to get into game - by releasing a steady stream of smaller updates throughout 2017.

This will kick off with a special Game Jam weekend, starting February 17th (Double XP Weekend), and we want you to be involved!

So, please post your passion projects below. Small, high-impact, and with a story. The very best will be cherry-picked for production over that weekend for development by the RuneScape team - and you may even be able to see them being developed, as we'll be streaming large chunks of the weekend live.

What would you really like to see in-game? Be a part of this exciting weekend and post it below!

(and watch the Year Ahead video - you'd be mad to miss it!)
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Sounds interesting.:)

I think my true passion passion project, would be a little too big to fit here. So instead I'll plump for something smaller.

Sonnet of a world traveled.
- Would be a quest where you team up with Olaf the bard, as he experiences the world venturing to the other musicians of G'linor to hone his craft. It's not all smooth sailing, as along the way would be various unexpected encounters with shady individuals and monsters, which Olaf will write songs about.

The quest would focus on the journey itself, with a strong emphasis on comedy & story, utilising already established characters & monsters. Not sure if it'd be small enough to fit here, with the additional songs / music it would require.

Other than that:
• I'd really like to see playable historic lore. I'd love if that could be a thing. Maybe like dungeoneering sagas, but for the overworld. It could be done as hidden content, characters would only appear on random days, if you find them they'd regail you with a story from their past. Could even have long dead characters appear as ghosts.
• Amascut (The player) mentions a broken home sequel later in this thread, that'd be pretty decent.
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The next Elemental Workshop quest? Over to Mod Doctor.

A new Goebie quest? Paging the Watch.

An update of the Quest interface to show all the quest storylines as trees? I know it's something Mod Osborne wanted to do.

New rewards added to the Thaler shop? Mod Moltare, please!
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My passion project? An experienced quest where the player (as a temple knight) is tasked to find out what happened to the missing King Vallance, all while uncovering a shady conspiracy that escalates to such a degree that the very reputation of Saradomin is at risk. It's been a while since we had a quest that was based around uncovering secrets and I personally think that this would be perfect :)

The reason I'd love for this one to happen is because of that loose end in Falador's lore, and at the same time it could open up some small degree of conflict if maybe the white knights had a reason for hiding the whereabouts of the king *wink wink*
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Blackwing said:
Wait what, on the video it says the double exp weekend starts 17th February, but here it says 10th February?

My bad. BTS is right. It's 17th December
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There are just a few things I'd love to see added in game:

1. God Book Overrides -- you had planned to do this, then postponed it indefinitely. Well, I think it's such a small update, maybe you can dedicate some time to releasing it now!

2. If possible, I think it would be really awesome if you guys could implement the OSRS POH Grid arranger into RS3. A Construction Update was really wanted for 2017, but for whatever reason, it apparently didn't make the cut. I think it would be nice if you guys could add this since many of us won't be getting our POH update this year.

3. A Memorial to Hazelmere -- While there are statues in Falador, I think Hazelmere was such an integral character to RS that it would only be fitting if a more natural memorial were erected in his honor at the Gnome Tree Stronghold. This would be a mini-quest in which King Narnode Shareen commissions the player to create a memorial for Hazelmere alongside Copernicus Glyph, and it will feature various gnome characters who've come to pay tribute to the memory of Hazelmere, such as King Bolren from the Tree Gnome Village. This mini-quest can also serve as a precursor to the eventual continuation of the gnome quests, and perhaps, Hazelmere's old acquaintance, Glouphrie the Untrusted, will make an appearance to gloat and begin to stir up trouble again.

EDIT: I just saw the 2017 Year Ahead video, and while you guys are doing a memorial to Guthix, you can still do a memorial to Hazelmere too, right? D: I'm really dying to continue the gnome quests and finally come to Arposandra! (maybe that could be an expansion?)
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