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Putting my annoyance with the topic title limit being stupidly short...

The REAL REASON Old School Runescape has more players ISN'T:



Or "Being stuck in the past"

It's because the ONLY THING RS3 has going for it is updated graphics. EVERYTHING ELSE is what people dislike/hate about it.

Wanna know a secret as to why Old School Runescape is so popular aside from the obvious?

It's because you can spec yourself in one thing or EVERYTHING without having to worry about some overly complicated skill system unless your a magic or prayer user but that comes with the territory as it should. The simplicity of the game is one of its biggest appeals which attracts both new and old players back to the game.

It's something you can log in, play for a couple hours and come back without worrying about daily keys or lootboxes...oh right...Lootboxes in RS3 are most likely also a big factor in why its disliked/hated...

My only regret is my old account was hacked by a bot and perma-banned in my 5yr absence from this game so i lost all my members account stats and loot.

24-Jun-2019 15:47:34

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Disagree with complexity point, RS3 may have a high skill ceiling, but the skill floor is also low. There are easy and complicated ways to do activities and the players can choose which suits their playstyle better. °l||l° Modest Skillers T7 Citadel | Skilling clan recruiting players. °l||l°
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