Not receiving drops on HCIM

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Hi everyone,

I have just started this account and am training combat as well as trying to accumulate starter gear from drops. HOWEVER, I am getting NO loot. The loot from the kill is NOT APPEARING. No bones, coins, nothing!

Someone please help as i'm getting aggravated with it.

10-Apr-2019 20:49:23

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Kings Abbot

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Vlumondoxa said:
HCIM doesn't get drops? It's normal?

HCIM can get drops I believe. They can even see other people's drops but can't pick them up. Perhaps other people dealt more damage so the drop appears to them first?
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10-Apr-2019 21:41:27

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Is this for OSRS or RS3?

If it is RS3, then I highly doubt that other people are stealing their kills. As there are practically no low levels.

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