my luck is drained.

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Yes I am Fat

Yes I am Fat

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so im on from the twitch prime 14 day free membership. i did my mining and smithing.. not a fan of the new smithing but its whatever. so i decide to go do some more mining.. i pick a weird spot. living rock caverns.. i go mine some of that coal and god damn i get 2 metamorphic geodes in like 5 minutes.. i open the first one and its A GOD DAMN DRAGON FULL HELM. now i sold it for 850k. not mad. 2nd i get a trisk key piece also not mad.. so i decided to do some quests today and get keys.. because i had a shadow gem to unlock.. and here i get 25m. thanks jagex.. still probably wont come back to play though. :(

10-Feb-2019 05:36:24

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