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Bored and leveling range on my Ultimate Iron man and was thinking... What are other UIM currently carrying in their inventory that they cannot bank? What are you holding onto and why? So what have ya got?

I currently have an XP lamp that I'm holding onto from completing Ardougne easy diary, lots of cake, a knife and money.

Also i have low tier range equipment, Ardougne easy cape 1 and ghost speaking amulet.

Training range atm to 25 to do Underground Pass quest.

05-Jul-2019 21:21:36

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Thanks for reposting in the Old School RuneScape General Forum!

Vlumondoxa said:
Whats UIM? Why not bank it?

Ultimate Ironman is a mode in Old School RS and cannot bank.

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05-Jul-2019 21:33:58

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