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I have been trying and trying to appeal a false ban but any email I send just gets refused because "permabans cannot be appealed no matter what"
my forum posts get shut down for similar reasons and I dont know what to do

I need to actually talk to a mod or someone, ANYONE, who will actually listen to me and talk instead of instantly just shutting down the email or forum post because its a permaban

I got banned on OSRS on another account when I dont even play osrs, this happened august of last year and for the love of god can anyone at jagex actually try to help me?

09-Apr-2019 20:26:03

CM Nick

CM Nick

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Hi Necrodamas,

First of all, your previous threads haven been shut down because the forums are not intended to appeal bans of any sort, nor are they for discussing a ban appeal denial, and thus, threads like this are against the forum rules.

Secondly, it's correct that permanent bans issued for certain actions aren't able to be appealed, so if you have been informed of this, your ban cannot be appealed.

As such, I will be locking this thread.

09-Apr-2019 20:35:36

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