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My main got a notification that says I've been banned from the forums.
I'm not intending to circumvent the ban, I'd just like to know how to get more information. The account status window doesn't have any active offenses and I haven't been able to access the forums in a couple days.
Can anyone tell me how to check on the status of a forum ban, or at least speculate how long they generally tend to last? (I'm assuming it's for flaming people, and to my knowledge it's a first offense.)

25-Jun-2019 00:03:50

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See above, also if a forum ban is issued by a Forum Moderator you'll not receive any notification about it, it can at the worst scenario be 72 hours.

If the ban gets extended by Jagex, I believe that you get a message in your inbox, for now; just relax.
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As mentioned above, unless it's for serious and/or persistent rule breaking it will be a maximum of 72 hours.

Can't give you any more info than that, sorry.
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25-Jun-2019 11:01:42

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