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Hi everyone.

So basically I have 33 million xp in Attack and Fishing but both skills are still showing up as 99, not 107 or 108? Can anybody tell me why this is?

Do I have to speak to someone in game for them to show up as out of 120 or am I missing something?


09-Jun-2019 19:34:28

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You're able to enable this in the settings, it's virtual leveling.

Settings > Gameplay > Skills > Experience
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09-Jun-2019 19:41:16

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Most skills stop at level 99, so even if you have a virtual level equivalent to a higher level, the skill will still show as 99. Only 3 skills go to level 120 currently and they are Dungeoneering, Slayer, and Invention. Hi.

09-Jun-2019 19:41:31

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