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FiFi LaJolie said:
I am. It sucks and is totally unnecessary.
Well thats your right to think that but at the same time this is an ongoing problem that can't be ignored forever. A friends chat is more "public" than a clan and the way some of them conduct themselves is not professional at all. I want a better community here
-C-town, Leader of Knights Of Saradomin

14-Feb-2019 01:54:46

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14-Feb-2019 03:43:52

Ms Toxicity
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C-town, you were asked by Forum Moderator Tren on Monday, 11th February (02:46:51), Forum Moderator Tuffty on Tuesday, 12th February (14:41:12) and me yesterday (08:32:10), that the content you wish to discuss is not welcome in the forums. Despite being informed about how to appeal a Forum Moderator's action, you have chosen to post similar content again, to complain about the conduct of others. For this reason, your threads is now closed and the opening post removed.

In future, if you have an issue with why your thread was locked (not once but thrice), please use the Forum Moderation Review sticky thread, to seek Jagex Moderation of the actions taken. Read the opening post and use the template
provided, so that Jagex can investigate your report. Make sure that you read the Code of Conduct and various forums' Specific Rules, before you post again.

As this topic is
welcome, please avoid posting it again.

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