Was it all worth it?

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Jokku23 said:
Scouse said:
Many of us have played Runescape for a very long time, would you consider yourself to have added anything or left your mark in this game or within the forums in any way?

I believe I have, but not as much as I'd like.

During Mega May 2016, Anja was kidnapped. I saved her, but Jagex messed up with the event. You couldn't bum Anja anymore, even after the event was removed. I was the first to notice this. I reported the bug and complained in Rants section. About a month later, they actually fixed it!

Without me, Anja could have been bugged for who knows how long!

Cool story, and cheers for doing the god(des)'s work! > )

Jokku23 said:
I also believe that I have made more people know about Anja and give her the appreciation she deserves.

Hopefully I have made the forums a better place and made people laugh. At least I have tried very hard.

Can vouch for that; without you I think I would've known about Anja only since the latest Halloween event!
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02-Feb-2019 17:55:16

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