How much gold for max?

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Mike Silk
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Mike Silk

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Anra said:
-shrug- depends on what method you choose.
I maxed pre-invention on roughly 650m.
I wouldn't even consider invention much of a loss tbh as you'll make money back via fishing/mining/slayer.

im most definitely interested in your route. please do share.
I was thinking fm and fletch with magic logs
fishing is done
Wc for elders
crafting bodys
smithing mithril plates again
mining at priff
summoning would be done with mostly crim charms
agility would be normal courses
I know between slayer and wc id make 200m easily which would be put towards con and farm so that's 2 things done.
inv would be done by deep sea fishing.
prayer would be d bones on galter
magic and range im not sure but most likely abyssal training

I was thinking everything would be 1bish but not 100% sure
first buyable id do would be herb cause I can take the gp from selling the pots and use for other skills. that alone would be 400mish doing attack pots, if I do decide to do this account it'd be after dxp when prices go back down for a lot of things.

13-Feb-2019 16:55:50

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What about for woodcutting swap the elders for mahogs? You'd then be able to convert some to planks for free with the specials gained (porters do not bank) which in turn will help you with construction. Mahogs give about 70k exp an hour.

A lot of things are much cheaper now, leaving you with plenty of spare cash for other things. Farming is cheap, and if you choose to chop the trees instead of just clearing you'll add to your fletch/fm pile.

With my 120 plans I'm doing a few in combination with one another. Of course the tools will all add to invention.
Mining -> smithing arrowheads -> fletching
Fishing -> cooking

Eh... Honestly a lot of my methods are -very- outdated, and since I had a long break from RS I'm still out of the loop and behind on a lot of things lol. I'm patient, so I'm in no rush for anything!

Mostly I just try to be as self-sufficient as I can... But that wouldn't work too well if your aim is simply to max.

24/07/08 Woodcutting Variety
26/10/08 Fletching Yew Longs
27/08/09 Fishing Monkfish
07/09/09 Cooking Sharks
15/11/09 Crafting Orbs, 25m
25/03/10 Magic Alch, 20m
04/07/10 Firemaking Yews, ??m
??/??/?? Farming Yews, Willows, Paps, 100m (EST OCT/NOV 2010)
01/04/11 Construction Oak doors, SC hammers 20m
31/12/11 Mining Gold
23/04/12 Prayer Dbones -95, Ashes, 60m
14/05/12 Smithing Gold Ore, 25m
28/10/12 Herblore 90-99 Super attacks, 20m
27/07/13 Thieving Mast Farmers, Dwarf Traders
05/09/13 Summoning Variety, ??m
09/10/13 Ranged With Slayer
30/11/13 Hitpoints With Slayer
06/12/13 Strength With Slayer
25/01/14 Agility Adv Gnome, Adv Barb
14/02/14 Dungeoneering (99)
15/02/14 Hunter Jadinkos
23/02/14 RuneCrafting Span from 85
21/09/14 Attack With Slayer
21/09/14 Defence With Slayer
21/09/14 Divination
21/09/14 Slayer MAX CAPE
24/01/19 Invention
11/04/11 He became my knight.
21/04/14 She arrived.
13/05/17 The day I'll become truly yours.

Expand arm.

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Who says you need to spend any money?

Dungeoneering costs nothing to train. All the money is a local currency anyways.

Thieving requires no money. In fact, you earn (find) money.

Agility costs nothing to train. unless you plan to buy silverhawks

Majority of gathering skill can be done with no input.

Mining needs pickaxes, but you can smith those with all the ores you get. Mining in turn levels up directly smithing.

Woodcutting does require hatchets, which again can be smithed. Dragon is a drop. WC in turn feeds Firemaking and Fletching. You can sell the bows to feed other skills.

Fishing can be done with just nets and harpoons. Fishing in turns feeds cooking.

Divination. Unless you planned to buy energy to speed up the process, again is "free".

Hunter can require a few GP for some traps, but it's not like you need thousands of traps.

farming requires seeds, but those can be stolen or gotten from monster drops.

Runecrafting can be done 1-99 via Runespan.

Crafting, you get geodes from mining, so on your way to 99, you'll get a lot of geodes. Mix in gold and silver, and you're probably set for a lot of your crafting xp. You can also get free crafting xp by doing the Ithell Harps.

Combat, with the m/s update, you can make relevant melee weapons, and still get drops. Crafting and fletching still make useful gear. Use any air staff, and you never need to worry about rune costs. Combat in turn, feeds Slayer.

Herblore can be an issue, but Farming and monster drops can take the edge off of it.

Construction, there are monsters that drop planks. If you're really masochistic, you can mine and use limestone. Mine, craft, and construction XP.

Summoning is where you're going to have your biggest sink. Shard cost.

Prayer doesn't have to be bought. Bones are just lying around at times.

Some skills, you can take a little off by joining a clan and doing work in Citadels. Quests can knock off a lot of XP these days.

13-Feb-2019 22:20:22

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