Ironmen with partyhats

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28-Jan-2019 21:47:11

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People found out ways to smuggle items to ironman mode before (though they got punished for exploiting the game like that), so who knows, maybe someone smuggled a partyhat to an iron. Or you could try finding a new way of smuggling and DIY.

(I don't actually recommend or encourage doing that though, more than likely you'll get punished too even if you managed to find a way.)
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28-Jan-2019 21:49:50

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Its not actually a bug to have a 15 year cape on an ironman account, its simply an account created years ago but which never left tutorial island until after ironman accounts were possible.

Having a Partyhat on an ironman account other than the New Varrock one is not possible without bug abuse, which could get the account banned or ironman status removed from the account.

29-Jan-2019 01:29:15

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