Advice on growing a clan?

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TomG said:
Some things we have tried/are currently trying include;

-Trying a recruitment based gp incentive

I'm no clan leader, so maybe I'm just missing something, but to me it feels like adding gp incentives to the process is overall counterproductive, since it might just attract the bad kind of behavior. E.g. if you offer a person 2m gp for each person they recruit, someone might see it as an opportunity to abuse for easy money:

1. The recruiter finds poor players and promises them half the recruitment gp reward in exchange for them joining the clan long enough for the recruiter to claim the money.
2. The recruiter recruits said players and goes to claim his reward money.
3. The players who joined are given their share of the profit by the recruiter, after which the players who joined silently leave the clan, so the clan leader doesn't learn about what's going on behind his back.
4. Process is repeated with new people.

So if I were a clan leader, I'd imagine it best to avoid stuff like that, and just focus on quality over quantity, even if it means that the growth is going to take a very long time.
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