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Integrity issues from biggest to smallest:

Treasure Hunter > Bots > Bonds

Even though bots have always been a thing and will likely always remain a thing, there are two factors that make them "lesser evil" compared to Treasure Hunter:

1. Bots and legitimate players both are restricted to the same training/moneymaking methods: e.g. if a bot can make 3m gp/hour or train a skill 300k exp/hour, so can a legitimate player. In comparison, Treasure Hunter offers exp rates that far surpass those available only to legitimate players, so there's zero chance to compete against a serious key buyer as a legitimate player, if both are given the same amount of in-game hours.

2. Bots are banned sooner or later; key buyers aren't, unless they break a rule not related to the key buying itself.

And as to why bots are worse than bonds:

1. Bots (goldfarmers/other bot services) can steal people's credit card details, and even if legitimate, steal profit from Jagex.

2. Bonds offer other players something positive ("free membership" etc), while bots don't.

3. Bonds are much more expensive to buy gold with than when buying from a goldfarmer.

Now, all of the issues should be fixed of course, but only bonds are in a situation where they're acceptable until something better can be figured out IMO.
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"MTX is an integral part of Jagex"
, according to Jagex. Of course MTX is a big issue to Jagex, a very positive issue to be more precise. :D

On the Other hand, bots violate Jagex's EULA, negatively affect Jagex's profits and therefore the employments and compensations of their employees, and also severely upsetting their game integrity. It is obviously a colossal negative issue to Jagex.

You can see, no doubt, Jagex takes bots as a major game integrity issue through numerous ways they acted through these recent years.

For instance, Mod MMG once took bots to court and sent letter of ultimatum to users of bots, especially the one they sued:

"As part of bot nuke week we are offering you a 1 time amnesty and settlement lifeline, which is a chance to reform and change your ways. We'd like you to contribute to the community in a positive way,
to compete on a level playing field as everyone else does and play in the true spirit of the game, with integrity.

Under the management of Fukong Interactive, Jagex also specifically wrote this official blog entitling
"Protecting Game Integrity"
to condemn bots and educate their fair users with game integrity in mind at the same time:

Of course, you can see from weekly support reports like this one how much Jagex consider bots a negative issue:,15,783,66082538

Otherwise, they won't ban 150k of them in a week. :D

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Jeremy Cheng said:
Which is a bigger issue that affects

Well this is obviously bots are a bigger issue. Yes both games have mtx in the form of bonds. However for someone to use bonds another legitimate player had to grind out the gold to begin with. Granted a person can essentially purchase almost any item with enough bonds. However bots have been the bane to honest gamers forever. Cheaters undervalue all achievements in the game and make it near impossible for skillers to compete as it's impossible for an honest player to be active in game 24/7 365 at the same efficient interval.
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