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Integrity issues from biggest to smallest:

Treasure Hunter > Bots > Bonds

Even though bots have always been a thing and will likely always remain a thing, there are two factors that make them "lesser evil" compared to Treasure Hunter:

1. Bots and legitimate players both are restricted to the same training/moneymaking methods: e.g. if a bot can make 3m gp/hour or train a skill 300k exp/hour, so can a legitimate player. In comparison, Treasure Hunter offers exp rates that far surpass those available only to legitimate players, so there's zero chance to compete against a serious key buyer as a legitimate player, if both are given the same amount of in-game hours.

2. Bots are banned sooner or later; key buyers aren't, unless they break a rule not related to the key buying itself.

And as to why bots are worse than bonds:

1. Bots (goldfarmers/other bot services) can steal people's credit card details, and even if legitimate, steal profit from Jagex.

2. Bonds offer other players something positive ("free membership" etc), while bots don't.

3. Bonds are much more expensive to buy gold with than when buying from a goldfarmer.

Now, all of the issues should be fixed of course, but only bonds are in a situation where they're acceptable until something better can be figured out IMO.
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