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With companion app out of commission, I0s players got screwed.

Over a year ago, IOS was promised on mobile, and as a response, your premier memberships hit records.

Pishing is sky high due to all of the stuff going on, fake links, etc.
releasing even a buggy mobile would fix this.

RuneScape has never had much more than 100,000 people online at any given single time, but have been pushing 200,000 people online since middle of last year. You can associate RuneScape mobile with these numbers.

Mobile is going to be HUGE. With more players than ever going to be on, and more money by jagex to be made, why do you have a skeleton crew on it?

Osrs was a skeleton crew, but loook at them now. Amazing.

Since jagex’s single most important update, and maybe biggest is on their back burner, I would like to make a post ever day to bring that off that burner.

You literally should have a least 10% of your entire company working on something that is literally guaranteed and proven to boost membership sales up by 25% or more.
You would be rediclious not to.

I plan on posting every single day to bring to light the injustice that the mobile app has seen.
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13-Feb-2019 16:28:06

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Ohrty said:

I plan on posting every single day to bring to light the injustice that the mobile app has seen.

I look forward to your forum ban.

What is the point of this thread..?

The throwback client is already available, on both major mobile platforms.. and the current version of the game is available in closed beta on Android, with Apple listed to come.. it's hardly on the back burner. There's a whole bloody section in literally every patch update showing their mobile improvements.. I know that as they upset me, seeing as I don't use a mobile client and those updates add no value to me.

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Okay, so a couple of comments from me:

1. Companion app should've remained, Jagex fucked up there.

2. OSRS mobile going huge doesn't correlate into RS3 mobile going huge as well.

Remember, the mobile market is saturated with shitty games designed to nickel and dime you of all your money; OSRS mobile was one of the few exceptions to change that notion. RS3 on the other hand is looking to be just your typical mobile game; showering you with IAPs, caring more about how to sell them to you than about how good or fun the game itself is, and letting the game sell itself by word of mouth.
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13-Feb-2019 16:41:19

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I only see OP trying to link many many different things together.

He talked about the removal of the Companion App and IOS... Did Jagex say there would not be IOS version of Mobile? Are they not working on it? I don't see anywhere Jagex mentioned anything about it.

Seemingly he complained about Jagex not hiring people for Mobile. But this is hardly the case. You can check out their job posts. It is transparent. They are frequently hiring mobile workers. Again, this has nothing to do with the removal of Companion.

He then tried to change the topic again to OSRS mobile and draw a reply from a user to compare RS3 to OSRS again, as usual. But bear in mind, there is no Companion in OSRS. Why does OP try to even bring OSRS into this "discussion"?

Anyway, if the mods think RS3 vs OSRS is allowed, please let me correct somebody/some people that OSRS Mobile have in-app purchases too. Jagex can still nickle and dime OSRS users who want to pay to win over the others:

In-app Products
$6.99 - $99.99 per item

I see a big random rant in this post over several unrelated topics but nothing else... and why is it not in the Mobile forums even if it is not a rant? :D

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Ohrty said:
I plan on posting every single day to bring to light the injustice that the mobile app has seen.

Continuing to spam and to threaten to spam the forums will not see RS3 Mobile released any sooner. All that will accomplish is the temporary removal of your ability to post on the forums.

RS3 Mobile is not on the "back burner" as you claim. Jagex is still hard at work on it, as mentioned in the "And a little note..." section of the An introduction to 2019 news announcement, and in the December Mobile Dev Blog.

We are all eagerly awaiting the release of RS3 Mobile. But it is very important that it be done right, which takes time and further testing and adjusting. Have some patience and stop spamming the forums.

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