Collecting Valkyrie rewards?

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Hi, I've seen a couple of users with the prize bobblehead pet from the latest event, but I cannot seem to figure out how to collect my own rewards after collecting enough feathers and "claiming" them.

Can anybody help me with this? xD

10-Feb-2019 03:48:27

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For collecting rewards it's as simple as going to the Fremennik lodestone, right clicking the valkyrie and choosing "turn in", you'll need 20,000 feathers total to get all rewards.

You can see your progress by pressing Esc then clicking the community button which should take you to the event tab. The rewards are auto claimed upon reaching each threshold.

Also the rewards do not take item form, the equipment rewards are stored in the Customization menu and the bobblehead is stored in the Pet Interphase (right click the summoning point meter)

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This too confused me when it came, yes as Havoc stated. head on over to the Fremennik area where the lodestone is or if im not mistaken there is a Valkyrie as well besides the Varrock lodestone, There you can turn in and claim the rewards for the feathers you have collected.

Happy Scaping!
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10-Feb-2019 09:42:02

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