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Of course Runescape will never be what it was when it had only 100 players :) take it from a REAL almost primordial veteran since DeviousMud.

Runescape is no longer polished with 12 year old gentrified swine like it was in 2000, etc. It is now has a Guinness World Record setting game with >260 mil players, over 1 million paid members and grosse over $1 billion real money, and have players from different areas with different preferences. Can go on forever, but you get the point lads.

10-Feb-2019 18:49:51

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Hey @Patdawan

I see that you've edited the first post, and now this topic isn't really about anything - if you'd like to elaborate, please do, but if not I'll be locking this.

10-Feb-2019 19:17:52

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