Can't make molten glass

Quick find code: 14-15-901-66078640

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Oh, I saw someone else asking about this recently. From recollection I think it's if you go to the gold bars icon, click it and there'll be a sub-menu that gives you the glass option.

(I hope I've remembered that right).

It's a weird place to put it, lol.

Nope sorry, got that wrong. It's here:

"It is on the interface, but difficult to find!

On the furnace interface, scroll down on the left panel and click the silver bar in the bottom left, then scroll down in the middle section. Molten glass is at the very bottom."
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It's right at the very bottom of the Casting Metal tabs.
It's not very intuitive, unfortunately. Hopefully they change it in a later update. They should put stuff like Molten Glass in a new separate tab.

25-Jan-2019 16:10:18

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Thank yourself lucky, i can't even mine lol, after like 3-4 ores client crashes and i get some dumb error message, idk if it's fixed now but it's how it was like a week ago or something, not bothered recently lol
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