Can you get banned for this?

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Jeremy Cheng
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Jeremy Cheng

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Someone drops a rare. You pick it up. The rare happens to be from an account that was and is currently involved in rule breaking.

The account gets banned for rulebreaking. Is the player who picked up the rare (you) in any risk of being a secondary victim and get banned even though they did nothing wrong?

17-Jun-2019 20:59:02

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If you have no clue who they are I'm sure it falls under Finders Keepers.

I would pick it up. How am I to know they are RWT anyway. Only Jagex know that for sure.

It's what you think is best for you. ;)

PS. I used to drop Santa hats on F2P lol
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17-Jun-2019 21:52:01

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Hey Tuffty, next drop party please pm me in game so I can try for a Santa hat...

I would even go F2P world for it ;)
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19-Jun-2019 03:12:49

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I thought Jagex made rares impossible to drop.

Dropping high value items

Players are warned when attempting to drop an item/stack valued over 500,000 coins.
When attempting to drop an item or stack of items valued at over 500,000 coins, the player will be met with a warning dialogue stating that, "The item you are about to drop has a high value." The player can either confirm the drop, at which point the item will be dropped, or cancel the drop, and the item will remain in the player's inventory.

Items valued over 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) coins cannot be dropped at all.

19-Jun-2019 06:41:26

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