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1 actual game update (M&S rework)
1 patch week (follow-up to the above)
1 recycled event with added MTX (wolves)

Those are the updates we've had so far in 2019, and this week has been confirmed to be another patch week... sigh. Whatever happened to MTX ensuring more and better actual game updates? Nowadays it's like 1 type of players is satisfied per month, usually PvMers or at least it feels that way (PvMer myself too), when you could satisfy 3-4 types by having 3-4 actual game updates per month, one for each type. You guys have many dev teams there, so what gives?

Please Jagex, if you genuinely can't keep up with the updates, just decrease the monetization already and remove Treasure Hunter & Solomon's store. Whatever the problem(s) is(/are), it's certainly not related to the money you're receiving, since you're always making record-breaking profits. If you can't deliver accordingly to what you charge, charge less.
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28-Jan-2019 09:24:50

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