Making urns bug

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Prior to the Mining and Smithing update when making urns the BOB's inventory was taken into account. You could continue making urns and just swap inventories with no cap other than what you physical could hold (inventory and BOB). Now it is capped at 28 so if you have a yak full of clay and inventory full of clay it makes only 28 despite the fact that you can make 29.
It doesn't alter if you have more clay for example use the clay from the artisan hat, I use to be able to kiln all the urns in one. Swapping the nr in inventory for the unf in BOB
Needless to say this is extremely annoying leaving 2 clay or 1 urn to complete. It is adding unnecessary time and frustration, PLEASE fix. I have submitted a bug but as yet it has not been fixed.
Thanks in advance, hoping for a speedy fix

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