Dragon won't breed anymore

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Is anyone having problems with dragons not breeding since update? I have a female & male in breeding pen and in large pen health and love both 100% new food and nothing wrong with them...........Need help or suggestions

07-Feb-2019 14:52:16

Thunder Jinx
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Breeding success chance = 80%
Max breeding time = 83 hours and 20 minutes.

Monday's update was 79 hours ago.
You could have extremely poor luck, but it's not over the limit yet!
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Save time and money
Fast Sc
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07-Feb-2019 17:58:00

Mini JIT
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6HotnSpicy9 said:
Thunder I use to get eggs every other day having 2 sets of dragons and now nothing

What's the traits on your dragons? I am running 2 accounts with same setup but 1 is set for max breading traits for dragons because it needs beans and the other its set for royals. Since Monday's update the royal sets have both slowed down on giving eggs but both the breading sets are still giving eggs as normal.

I think maybe they have just updated the traits to be more effective?

09-Feb-2019 14:58:17

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