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I would like to learn the best way to salvage my gp value for the items that were effected by the update.

I know this is a month late, but I have been away from the game for two months and so...

Over the past 8 or so years (have started account in 2005/2006), I accumulated the following:

4k rune bars (not sure if this number represents what I had before the update..)
15k rune ore (only 2k ore in my bank now???)

and I am left with:

227K rune item tokens,
22490 addy tokens
51450 steel tokens (most likely from all the steel pl8s)

The rest are smaller complaints..
coal price drop impact on 150k ore,
50% gp drop for 5k addy bars
etc x infinite

What is the best way to work what is left into as grand a gp value as I can get. I have already maxed all my skills and I don't care to accumulate the implied smithing xp.



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Indy Cision
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take the tokens to artisan workshop.
trade the rune and addy tokens into HUGE salvage (to high alch)
trade steel tokens into "steel ingots" (the summoning second that replaced platebodies) and sell em

Edit: adding reasoning for the above
all armour now has high alch value based on the number of bars, and is linear. Each 10 tokens is the equivalent of 1 bar. Rune salvage alchs for "8k per bar" so the HUGE 50 tokens have a 40k high alch value. Addy is "2k per bar"
You will always get the same high alch value per token when exchanging, but the cost of nats mean you "lose" 1 nats worth of value for a HUGE instead of 5 nats worth for 5 tiny.
If you don't want to alch them yourself, sell them for around 39k each :)

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