Raffle Glitch??

Quick find code: 15-16-879-66120904

Love My Man
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Love My Man

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I am assuming this is a glitch as it has now happened on 3 separate accounts.

I talk to Balthazar and get 1 ticket, then I go to Gilly and get the 2nd which I then place in my currency pouch. I then make sure the pouch showed the increase. The following day (after reset) somehow I end up missing a ticket on 1 account. This has now happened on 3 accounts.
So now on those accounts when I collect my ticket from Balthazar, I have to go thru the chat options for him telling me I can recover the missing ticket, IF I buy a bond. Is this some kind of glitch or well laid out plan to get us to buy bonds??? Either way, I expect more tickets to go missing.

Good Luck everyone!!! ~ Love

15-Sep-2019 02:20:09

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