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I have been using the companion app ever since it came out. I don't think mobile for rs3 has come out for everyone. So please don't remove companion app till you get rs3 mobile running. Thank you. The app helps in a pinch if you have been disconnected from the game and you don't want to be rude to the other person.

Therefore please don't remove companion till you release mobile for rs3
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24-Jan-2019 15:47:26

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i hate that they are removing the companion BEFORE mobile is ready. There is no real support for it, nor should there be t this point. Label it "legacy - unsupported" at least and let us PAYING CUSTOMERS use it until the mobile works.

24-Jan-2019 23:46:59

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I've also been using the companion app regularly since the day it came out. Even when I am at home with my computer I will log out from the game to access the GE through the app/web browser. It's a much better interface than the in game GE. If anything, I want to see it updated so I can have push notifications on iOS again.

29-Jan-2019 02:29:52

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