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I've been enjoying the companion app relentlessly over the last year or so. Being able to update flips on the go has revolutionized my merching. With its impending removal, flipping will become less accessible to beginning merchers, and i'd love it if jagex could add a feature that allows access to the grand exchange in lobby, at least on mobile.

Flipping is a cornerstone of the runescape economy. It keeps prices stable, for instance by mediating between buyers and sellers when there's a discrepancy in the amounts being traded. One great example of this is corrupted magic logs. They have had a more or less stable prices for a long time, with predictable peaks and troughs. This is because they are dropped in small increments and only collected during slayer tasks (so the pattern of how they are uploaded to the ge is: sporadic, in small quantities), but then they are used in the thousands for firemaking. When merchants mediate this discrepancy by taking on the task of collecting them from slayers and then handing them off to firemakers, it keeps the prices from fluctuating enormously, guaranteeing the slayers a dependable price for their loot, and the firemakers consistent gp/xp ratios.

Not saying removing the ease of access to the ge would end merching, just saying we've had this feature, and taking it away would hurt the less wealthy segment of merchants more than the wealthier segment, who are less experienced and patient.

I hope jagex takes on this relatively minor suggestion. When things change, it's always good to keep in mind what was good and why it worked. Companion might die, but companionship lives on :)

31-Jan-2019 17:25:45

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