Seems underwhelming

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Pop O said:
There are a few more things that they havent talk about if you re-watch the last stream and look for when shauny facepalms
Theres new ranged gear new maul annnnd the easter egg 🥚 is hatching >.>
Jagex is like a sieve for secrets aswell, i dont they intended to let us know any of the summer update bits, which i like but don't be a sieve, dont invite streamers to your secret works

Essentially its meant to seem underwhelming so that you go 'o dam'
Few speculations of a 29th or 2nd ahem ahem

Yes, there are many more things shown on the live streams and the concept arts they haven't talked on yet.

They talked about totems that give perks. They talked about skilling spots. They talked about the new armors and melee weapon coming out of Big Game Hunting. They talked about the new skill codexes.

And if you looked at the concert arts, there are even more hidden things they haven't talked about yet, such as the blowpipe that is made from monsters parts... that gives me the feeling of Monster Hunter... We go to the New World Anachronia, hunt or slayer monsters, combined their body parts with resources we gather from mining, woodcutting, herblore, etc and make new gear... But first, we build a BASE CAMP in Astera Anachronia.

There are definitely more than 2 or 3 new activities as OP claimed already revealed. Besides, what other content of the size of Anachronia Jagex had in their games gave more than 2-3 new (note really new ones like new way to farm and new way to hunt but not just a new farming patch or a new rockslide trap of higher level) content? None, not with Menaphos. Not with The Arc, and definitely not with Fossil Island and Zeah.

02-Jul-2019 01:36:57

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Runelower said:
I just wish they drop this visual style of fortnite-esque over the top ice-cream bright whatever they try to pull off thing doesn't look or feel like rs to me at all. Like all cosmetic crap hasn't ruined the immersion of a medieval game whatsoever already.

Your complaint is way too late, because not just the "visual style", RS3 and OSRS have pizzas and such long long ago. Do "medieval" games have pizzas and ice creams and such?

The answer is definitely yes - Pizzas are common food in medieval Gielinor although they may not be medieval food on Planet Earth. So isn't the "visual style of fortnite-esque" ruining the immersion of these Jagex games because that's the visual style of the "medieval" Gielinor. :)

02-Jul-2019 01:52:44

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