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PrimaAntiqua said:
Mostly hyped as a lot of this sounds good, though is hardly new.


I'm disgusted to see that lessons on group boss sizes STILL have not been learnt. You've done poll after poll: no-one wants 7-man bosses! AoD was not a highlight of last year, AoD was a flop because there is precious little audience for it.

YOUR OWN POLLS all show the same thing: keep the group sizes as small asp ossible, ideally solo and certainly no larger than 5 (preferably 3). There was even a poll related to Solak that said EXACTLY THIS, and it's been ignored.

I am glad to see that the player are being listened to on most fronts, but it seems to me very much so that the developers of bosses are ignoring everything we say.

Make Solak soloable or cancel it. I am deadly serious. The developer even commented that Solak was his vision of the Ambassador boss that was suggested at Runefest 2016. Thing is, that was for 1-5 people. That covers around 90% of the Playerbase. Solak-proper will appeal to almost noone.

I can only hope that when the duo-mode Solak's popularity inevitably far outweighs the "proper" version's, that this finally makes you develop soloable bosses designed for more like 1-3 people. I have no faith in this, but I can hope.

Go kill Telos if you want soloable

05-Jan-2018 18:09:30



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R A B B said:
Everything looks pretty promising. I’m disappointed however with the time table of the RS Mobile. It started off coming December 2017, then it became beginning of the new year, now it’s posted as “later in the year”. ....

Maybe they overestimated how quickly they could do it and are being more realistic? It is not possible to cram 17+ years of content in a mobile device within a couple of months

05-Jan-2018 18:59:06



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StanCie said:
I love the "later on in the year"...... that gives no indications on how long ='(, coudn't you be at least a bit more precise into how long more do we have to wait for RS mobile <3 ?

Thanks :)

It's better they dont give precise dates or we get the problem we had with M/S rework being larger than expected then delayed from Sept 2016 to Q3 2018, Clue Rework being delayed from Dec 2017 to 2018

05-Jan-2018 19:33:31

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