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Would love for jagex to hold off the deletion of the companion app until the mobile version of rs3 comes out. loads of people including myself use the app for merching when theyre not home.

would be okay with dropping everything apart GE from the app tbh..
Ernis x

24-Jan-2019 17:51:38

Ulti Stat
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I agree it should be on the AppStore till mobile releases. Otherwise they’re taking a literal step back from mobile with removing it from app stores. Not everyone can be on computer all the time Jagex let us have this app till rs3 mobile releases!

24-Jan-2019 17:58:18

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Agreed, I use the app almost everyday while i'm at work and/or out of the house. I find the interface 100x better than the in game ge, as it doesn't lag and act glitchy. Almost always log out of rs and log onto the app to sort my merches out overnight.

24-Jan-2019 18:25:39

Miles Prower
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Hopefully it's a sign that the beta will be opened to more members but I very much doubt it. The Companion app offers things the client doesn't, such as instant push notifications and Grand Exchange access. Not to mention compatibility with more devices. Low on bank space? Click here.

24-Jan-2019 22:49:43

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i hate that they are removing the companion BEFORE mobile is ready. There is no real support for it, nor should there be t this point. Label it "legacy - unsupported" at least and let us PAYING CUSTOMERS use it until the mobile works.

24-Jan-2019 23:47:24

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The best features of the Companion App were:

-- the instant GE access with the push notifications sent to your phone when an buy/sell offer has filled.
-- the easier friend's chat, clan chat and private message access
-- does not require the rendering of the surrounding game world, thereby decreasing battery drain rate.

Now, removing Companion App before the Mobile App is even decent enough is really a step backwards. Jagex could at least allow:

-- GE trading from the lobby, so that the surrounding game world doesn't need to be rendered to save battery life.
-- have a toggle in the game settings for push notifications to be sent to your device. It doesn't have to even be restricted to GE trades, it could be for new TH events, new game update posts, etc, in the future.
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