Beneath Cursed Tides is great!

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Sigh, I loved it. It brought back such a lovely memory of when I was introduced to RS (^-^)

All the way back to 2005, had a such fun time bonding with my cousins, and aunty on going through tutorial island back then.

I took my time on going through that quest, as well as trying to figure out what's new for being under water x]

08-Mar-2019 13:15:50



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Love this quest. Very fun and nostalgic. Great to see the original version of Newbie Melody again, as well as the new variants. Nice that they can peacefully co-exist in the same version of RuneScape.

I liked how Brynna and Dezzick gave us variants of their original tutorial tasks but with added complications due to being underwater. I also liked how Lev and Vannaka took the 'Okay, you're back. Now, let's give you a new test to see how far you've come since we first met' approach.

All in all, a fun little quest and a great homage to what, to many of us, was our first experience with RuneScape.

14-Mar-2019 16:30:02

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