Legacy Interface Needs Work

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I've recently come back to Runescape and I've gotten fairly used to the combat lately. I personally like where the game is going. However, I am a player that prefers the simplicity of the older interface. That said, the Legacy Interface mode was an incredibly welcome feature to the game. I love pressing F1 for inventory, F2 for Loadout, F3 for Prayers, etc. while having the ability to use my action bar for abilities.

Why are we only allowed to have ONE actionbar in the Legacy Interface? When doing some of these newer bosses, I am realizing two action bars are necessary. The only way I can have both is by reworking every single keybind using the newer RS3 interface, which to me is bloated and way too convoluted.

At the very least, players should be allowed to have a second action bar while using the Legacy Interface. I don't see how this defeats the purpose, as we already have 1 action bar in Legacy Interface mode. In my opinion, a second one would allow it to be optimal for players who prefer the classic look, while staying current with the new combat methods.

11-Jan-2019 09:00:31

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Another thing, I also love the legacy interface. When I'm killing monsters in slayer, sometimes the monsters name plate is just... insanely long? It covers the entire top half of the screen.
I also want to know why I cant have my pets inventory open at the same time as my backpack. You can do that in RS3 (bloated), but not in legacy interface.

Jagex please fix this...

18-Jan-2019 01:08:28

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