New hair styles please

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legends dead
May Member 2019

legends dead

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Something small, but simple. Can we get more hairstyles in game? There really haven't been much of an update in this area of character creation in a long time. Just a small something to add a bit of flare to your character as we grind away in this game.

A few hairstyle ideas:

1. French braids
2. Long pig tails
3. Pompadour Fade
4. Taper Fade
5. Afro Fade
6.Retro Bob With Tucked In Textured Curls
7. Retro victory rolls
Legends dead :|:);):P:D^_^

25-Jun-2019 19:40:36



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Yes more hair styles are truly needed. Ones that are not locked behind solomons store also please and thank you.
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26-Jun-2019 11:40:35



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support! we need more hairstyles that dont have those stupid "anime-spikes" that you only ever see at conventions irl
and some new beards too. my char is currently beardless because all the beards are too full or too chinese or too wizard. id love to see a viking style beard thats long on the chin and clean everywhere else

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