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as it was lost in the lovely discussion of err bumps....

even though this thread is pretty much just bumps no real conversation (which ive seen many threads be locked for)

as someone that flips and merch's this will be a huge benefit even to have 1 extra slot.

its a 100% no. the amount we have now works well, when we had 6 that was plenty. the amount that can be made with just 6 slots (2 spare) is staggering so add even more. would be overkill
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15-Jan-2019 19:41:16

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unfortunately no support on this one, I think 8 slots is more than enough to buy and sell merch. rs3 econ is not as it used to be, if you're trying to buy things under ge price or even sell things higher than ge price, most likely you're not going to buy or sell. If you think you should get str exp for smithing/mining transactions use the tread url below
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19-Jan-2019 09:54:33

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