pay to play a minigame!???

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so I thought i'd get a archer ring and get it imbued down at nightmare zone
I was keen to go kill Npc's and do that grind to get it
then it told me i needed to deposit 5k.....

my first thought was.. seriously?
pay to play a minigame... wow that's kinda shit...
I mean i'm not the richest/high lvl player i'm 79cb and I wanted a archers ring (i)... I saved up to get it... only to find out it's going to cost me an absolute fortune to play!

because i'm going to be struggling a lot and don't have the money to pay for potions and food ALONE so I will be dying a lot... costing me an absolute fortune to play each round...

I was hoping to get the imbue so I could go kill drags much easier and get hides to sell...
but I take this as a massive fuck you....

high level players will pay less money and survive longer raking in points faster.....
gotta say... I really don't like the idea of paying to play a fucking mini-game......
it should be free... if that's the case paying to play it... i'd rather just save up more and buy a fucking imbue outright...

i'm just completely dumb founded as to why you would have to pay for... good concept of a mini-game.. but fuck... even if it was 10 coins.... it's like.... why????????

why not pay to get a firecape?
why not pay to pest control?
fishing trawler!


also, why would the practice mode in nightmare zone not even earn any xp????

is there another way I can imbue the ring? cause fuck this minigame.

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Nightmare zone? What are you even talking about? Is this for OldSchool? In that case you took a wrong turn as you've ended up in a RS3 forum. The RS Wiki needs a hand, and Bwian's will gladly take the rest of your body!
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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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From what I understand nightmare zone is one of the best combat experience options in all OSRS, so honestly I would not be surprised if it is worth the money.

08-Feb-2019 04:15:31

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How much is that to imbue a ring? I total 200-400k? Seems like a freaking good deal to me along side with some nice combat exp! Hello Moto

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