Divine energy from Miscellania

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Gathering divine energy has become very trivial and time consuming, and with the release of the Mining and Smithing rework, there aren't really many good options for your Miscellania workers. In short, I think that adding a crater to Miscellania, either unlocked with Royal Trouble or with another quest that allows us to task our workers with collecting divine energy for us is a reasonable solution that both revitalizes Misc as well as taking some of the strain of invention upkeep away.
I don't have any knowledge of how balancing would work, but feel free to leave ideas/suggestions for amount and type of energy gathered below!

07-Feb-2019 23:24:40



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I do support.

My only concern is the tier and quantity of energy you'd end up getting.
Most of the resources from the Kingdom are in the Level 30-60 Range (Maple/Teak/Mahog logs, Tuna/Swordfish ... herbs and seeds are kinda all over the place).
That means we'd probably be looking at Glowing, Sparkling, Gleaming, and Vibrant energies .... maybe Lustrous.
(afterall, Sparkling energy is found Southeast of Relleka, so while it isn't on the island, it is in the region ... so guess someone gets assigned to go harvest it).

Another minor issue is that none of the slaves workers are trained in Divination. Everyone is already either a farmer, fisher, woodcutter, or miner.

08-Feb-2019 05:22:23

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