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When the weapon diversity beta goes live, there will be a lot of gaps between t60 to t90 left open. I suggest allowing the Wilderness hilt to be applied to all dragon weapons, excluding tools and magic weapons, as a means to fill up the t70 gap. The item and functionality is already there, it just needs to be expanded to fit the other weapon types.

This change would help fill in the gaps for the following weapon types: Warhammer, Two-handed sword, Hasta, Knife, Throwing axe, and javelins.

Along with giving alternatives to the following weapon types: Darts(blisterwood), Halberd(Thalassia/Crystal), Spear(guthans), Crossbows+Two-handed crossbows(Karils).

I'd suggest the wilderness hilt degrade though, consuming the item its applied to when it's all used up, Not the hilt itself.
It would work similarly to how the current ancient warrior equipment patch works for ammo, requiring 100 of the ammo type to upgrade into an item with unlimited use until it degrades the item it is applied to.

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That is why I proposed they work like the Ancient Warriors Equipment Patch* in cases like javelins/darts/etc. Taken from the wiki; "Using it to upgrade Morrigan's ranged weapons requires 100 of the respective weapon."
Translating that to this suggestion, The wilderness hilt could be the same, or it could be 10x that required 100 stack of the javelins/darts/etc. They're all pretty reasonable in regards to acquisition, regardless if you're an ironman or main.

* Wiki link:

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