Slowman mode + swimming skill

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I would like to see a no run energy game account implemented into the game I had an idea for this a while ago it was called the slowman mode idea and something like this and a new skill idea called swimming sense my idea for the slowman mode is thatyou can not use any teleports whatso ever and no run energy a new skill such as swimming could make a high impact on these new types of game accounts aswell provide new and exciting content for other players aswell

26-Sep-2019 01:32:48

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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Swimming a new skill? Really? It's already possible in the Heist minigame, and no requirement is needed to do it.
How would you train it?
Customs are gonna hate you as you could smuggle stuff everywhere.
Also, when is swimming even going to make it faster than walking somewhere?
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