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Player owned houses seem like an outdated piece of content with little use these days, a major update / rework could bring them back to life.

Just to say that this is my first ever content suggestion, I appreciate that there is a lot here and not all of it would be possible and desirable to all players. Anyway I am genuinely interested in what thoughts people have on these suggestions and if there are any that a large number of people would support. One thing I am certain of, and feel that many would agree with, is that player owned houses are an underused piece of content with a lot of potential and that it is in need of a substantial update / rework.

Firstly there needs to be a greater variety in the type of house, I recently revisited my POH for the first time in years and what immediately struck me was how dull it looked, this was to me largely due to it being nothing but square rooms. Afterwards I wondered why havenít I been here in this long, and why would I want to be here.

For me one solution is that as the player levels up they have access to building completely different types of dwelling, that allow for different shapes and configurations. My suggestion would be that these be unlocked in tiers with all types of housing in each tier having the same maximum size/amount of rooms, but allowing for different customisations and room shapes (please not just the same sized square). Particularly one area where I am keen for development is that higher tiers of houses allow for multiple floors to avoid them all feeling flat.

This might require rebuilt layouts or selections of layouts rather than building all rooms individually the same size, for example corridors linking rooms could be included in prebuilt blocks and the rooms are blank until the player specialises them (although certain sizes will be required for certain rooms.

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When players upgrade their house to a better tier. rather than it being a total loss they can reclaim an amount of materials relevant to what they have used in their house. Players should want to unlock and use the higher tiers

Types of house suggestions:
Tier 1:
Beach Shack
Jungle hut

Tier 2:
Fremennik longhouse
Gnomish treehouse
City house

Tier 3:
Elven palace
Country manor

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Secondly a Poh should be something the player wants to and has a reason to visit regularly.

1. Skilling spaces - these could be fishing spots, herb gardens, hunting spots, trees for cutting etc.. depending on the type of house. As a way of limiting them these could have a daily / weekly limit.
2. Greater staffing - the one servant could be replaced with multiple others with specific jobs which again could be used not just for maintenance of the house, but for some minor resource collection or useful tasks, at daily/weekly intervals. This I feel would make the larger dwellings feel less empty.
3. Bonuses for having visitors - these could be in the form of small xp boosts in your skilling spaces although Iím not certain on this one. However I do feel that there has to be incentive to bring other players in.
4. Dedicated mini game rooms / party rooms - this would be a more dedicated version of the games room which would allow for larger amounts of players to participate in a game together for which prizes could be set for the winning team/individual. This could allow wealthy player to organise tournaments during parties.
5. A quartermaster NPC in the dungeon (or a revamped combat room) who could set daily challenges rewarding with a lamp, prismatic star, or a TH key (perhaps a skilling equivalent could also be present)

Minor suggestions:
1. Add a donation box into chapels for players opening their alter to others, if a player donates over a specific amount it announces it.
2. Allow home teleport to go to the poh (this could have a level requirement) always seemed weird to me that it doesnít.
3. Improved scenery around the houses, the locations that they are in could inform the type given.

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