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Hello all. Seems the forums don't get enough attention, so I've added a list of gathered thoughts here to make it more shiny and loved, in the hopes of the upcoming new website update that we will get to see some changes to the forums as well.

All of the suggestions are not thought of by me (most, but not all), some I remember seeing throughout the forums and kept it in mind, so the ones that are not thought of by me weren't plagiarized, just merely one more person trying to make the idea happen. I'll keep the list of suggestions short and sweet, which more will be added over time. Let's begin. :)

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1.) If possible, let us customize the forums page the way we want it to look, and for some like myself, customize it in a way that is easy on our eyes (the brown and current font size doesn't suit well with my eyes). Customizatio will be limited to only font size and background color as to not overdo it. The new forums look wonderful!! I still want to be able to adjust the font size though. :)

2.) Everyone dreads the 51 page monster, as all of your hard work gets thrown into the dump, so how about before a player's thread gets deleted that a copy of the whole thread gets stored away onto a player's profile some how? The copy will stay put for up to a week before getting deleted. Everyone hates having their threads die, especially if one is on vacation or doesn't have access to a computer for awhile.

3.) When a thread is moved and locked, we have to then post on the new thread, putting yet another thread onto our profile. Make it so this doesn't happen and take up more space on our profile. Or a better idea is to have the duplicated locked thread be deleted after posting on the new thread.

4.) Give us the option to show threads in our time zone and not the UK's.

5.) At the top of a thread have a "Go to bottom of page" option that will show you the bottom of the thread, and at the bottom have a "Go to top of page", this will make it easier navigating threads.

*6.) Have a page selector at the top of a thread as well, which will make navagation even easier and less hassle.

7.) Let us have an option to insert a sig, and even let us choose if we want it to be inserted in all threads we make or certain ones. I suggest this because the skillcape thread I have, I use a sig, which is used for that thread only and I have to manually copy/paste it, which gets a little tedious after awhile.

*8.) Readd the feature that told us who made the last post on threads.

9.) Add a time frame and date the thread will be posted under the reply box.

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10.) Let us have an ignore list on the forums. Anyone added on this list will not be able to see or post on any of your threads, nor will they see any post made by you at all.

11.) Have an offensive name option added on the report list please.

12.) If deleting threads from our profile is too much to code, then at least let us "hide" threads on our profile, that way it is less clutter and you can still unhide them whenever you want to check for new posts.

13.) Have an option specifically for forum mods that players may find them abusing their power. This option will only be viewable if you went to report an fmod.

14.) Allow us to use the bump thread button on all of our threads every 10 or even 15 minutes instead of just one every 10 minutes.

15.) Have an option for players to subscribe to other players threads. Any new thread that player makes will be notified to the person that subscribed. This will be optional, meaning you can choose to have subscribers or not. I'd also like to mention, similar to the ad log, you can choose to get subscriptions to either all, friends, or no one.

16.) In the Forum Help section, automatically hide all posts made and allow only mods to view it as it is an invasion of privacy for all players involved when you must report someone.

*17.) If you hide a section on the forums... the system should "save" what you hid, so you don't have to keep hiding it.

18.) Give us an option at the top to "Request Lock Thread." That way we can fill out the info on another screen it'll take us to, submit it, then wait.

19.) I think having an option to show threads that have been posted on recently be placed at the top. That way person threads stay in view all the time.

20.) When at someone's forum profile, let us have a section option to see threads THEY created, and not just threads they have posted on.

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21.) The photo booth is great for the forums! I have an idea that might make it a tiny bit better. Every picture you take, I believe it should be saved (up to maybe 10 saves) then you will be able to pick and choose which outfit you want as your forum pic. I thought of this idea when the crab hats came out yesterday. Once you take a pic it becomes untradeable... but what happens if you want to change your pic up a bit? Do you have to buy another crab hat to take a pic? That's a pretty expensive pic.

22.) Allow a game clock similar to the one in-game on the forums as well.

23.) If anything when it comes to our own threads, have a lil icon next to it on the left hand side showing we made that thread. Similar to the lock and sticky icons... but one for our own threads.

24.) Just like the time placed on a thread on the right hand side when someone last posts on it, I believe there should be at least a date when the thread was made next to it or under it by the OP's name.

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