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I know that as a community we are not the greatest, but anyway we deserve some kind of help.
I mean in the possibility of getting better forums, latin forums are abandoned and without maintenance, are not known and are difficult to access. My main idea would be that there was a section in the forums in English for the Spanish speaking people as in former times. Or place easy access within the main forum.

Thank you for your attention :)

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Oh, how much I miss the Spanish forums!

I remember when there was a section here for Spanish speaking players before RuneScape Spanish was released. Mod Achilles was a gem and it would be great to have a section of our own here. Unfortunately, though, I am not sure if they would be willing to do that, considering that RuneScape Spanish was removed three years ago. I mean, if they had it before, I don't see why it cannot be added again.

The community is still great, but I do agree that the Spanish forums are completely dead. As an example, there is still a post from June 21st from someone selling their account. It is *that* dead.

In any case, I do support having a sub-forum here for the players that speak Spanish.

20-Oct-2017 01:12:50

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Hello !

Spanish forums used to be nice, even though those forums are dead now. To be honest there are a lot of people that still go there asking for help and on the other hand people, as Wynd mentioned, just post stuff such as selling accounts or complaining that unfortunately they cannot access the game.

A section for spanish speaking people will be a really good idea, especially because there are many people that still waits for an answer :(
I do support having a space for the spanish community, I hope this can be added. It will help a lot of people and keep players that speak spanish more into the official forums.
~ Paolo

25-Oct-2017 23:11:54

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