If Runeclan can't be fixed...

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The RuneClan developer did have some tweets up recently regarding the issue, believing it is potentially relating to fetching the data from the RS website. Those tweets are at if you haven't already seen them.

If Jagex were to make their own tracking system of some sort, I'd expect there would also be an entire overhaul of the clan pages that already exist - which could make it a large project. I also expect that any solution would end up as a 1 size fits all kind of thing, which might work well for one clan, but another clan might want something slightly different, and that always makes things tricky too. I wouldn't be opposed to them doing that though if it were to come to it, as long as the public facing APIs also stay available to not break existing sites that are still working.

The clan I am in uses RuneClan for some tracking, but we also wrote our own custom tracker to handle other parts that were specific for our clan. That tracker continues to function without any breaking issues (we have less 'moving parts' compared to other fansites such as Runeclan that offer a service like that), though we have noticed some requests to the API taking much longer to complete than they used to, which I expect is one of the things RuneClan is seeing.

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Mod Lyon said:
Since we haven't had any reports from others that the websites fixed, our assumption is its something on the developers side rather than ours or we're collectively hitting a limit on the requests they can make.

So now that I have stable internet access again, a few quick stats that I collected this evening using a small test application I wrote a year or two ago. The app sequentially fetches the stats of a list of players (129 in my list) from the Lite Hiscores endpoint, one at a time.

Tonight I quickly added a start time/end time tracker to it. I recorded the start time right before I made a request to the lite hiscores page. I recorded the end time after I had read the CSV data returned from my request. The computer running this (and the connection being used) has not accessed the hiscores today.

My average response time was 2.5 seconds for 128 requests (1 was not recorded as the player had changed their RSN :@, and the app skips 404 errors). 88 requests received a response under 2 seconds. The other half though went up substantially:

- 2 that were between 2 and 4 seconds
- 1 that was between 4 and 5 seconds
- 15 that were between 5 and 6 seconds
- 20 that were between 6 and 7 seconds
- 1 that took 7 seconds
- 1 that took 8.6 seconds

These numbers aren't the worst I've seen - as mentioned in my original post, I've seen some requests take longer and the 'live' version of the xp tracking that my clan uses was seeing requests take 15 seconds or more at one point. However, 37 requests taking 5 seconds or more in a set of 128 is still a good amount, and RuneClan and other fansites are definitely processing more data and have a more complex setup than I. In the past, I've seen response times under 2 seconds for each entry in the entire list using the same app.

I don't use the Clans API or the Players API, so can't comment on those specifically.

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