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Baby B l u e
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Baby B l u e

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Why does Runescape/Jagex do absolutely nothing about their lack of customer support? It is a known issue among consumer and Jagex alike. They refer you to the same ‘service tree’ that always leads to the same answer, that is generic, unhelpful, and irresolute. It’s a brick wall so the company does not have to do direct business with the customer ever.
Do they even review these suggestions? Because if so for nearly 20 years they have said “fuck it. We don’t care.” What does it take to get real service and contact an understanding human who can listen and resolve issues? Your system is broken! As a loyal customer for 15 years I demand we get better support! Why are we just trash to Jagex?!
Does it take a complaint to the UK Trade Standard, or a petition? I am upset that I have given RuneScape hundreds of dollars, like many other customers and just gotten stonewalled at every corner with customer support.
I have been loyal, I have played fairly, and I have benefitted this game in my own way as have every other player and we are all disregarded.

19-Aug-2019 17:45:31

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Hey, Pool Dead. What exactly do you need assistance with?

There are many ways we as players can contact Jagex. It may not be a live chat as one would dream of, but we can most certainly get in touch with a real J-Mod.

Most issues can be readily resolved by looking at the Support page here on the RuneScape website: Support. Once you get to page, you can do either of the following: search for what you need help with or browse the topics at the bottom, which include your account, payments and membership, technical help and support guides & updates.

Additionally, you have the Community Led subforums, which are ran by both Jagex-approved Community Helpers and other members of the community that love to help. These subforums are: Community Led Account Help, Community Led Technical Support and Community Led Payment Support. You can post on these subforums depending on your situation.

A third option would be tweeting @JagexSupport. Their direct link is

As soon as you try any of these venues, most likely someone will direct you to an article on the support page I initially mentioned. This is because, as I said, the majority of the problems can be dealt with by reading the guides provided on the Support page.

19-Aug-2019 18:00:26

Baby B l u e
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Baby B l u e

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Dude this is the problem, the service tree is what you’re referring me to, you’re not even a moderator and you are trying to care more than Jagex does.
Tweet Jagex— they refer you right back here.
Message their Facebook page — they refer you right back here.
This is not really customer support.
Yes most problems can be handled with the support page, but what do you do when an account has been banned for macroing but they’re innocent and Jagex is positive that they’re infallible — even thought they’re OBVIOUSLY not.
Or when you notice their treasure keys are literally just gambling for children?
They stone wall you. These are not cut and dry problems. And they don’t listen to complaints. I’m not asking for you to refer me back to their service tree.
I am ask that they get a customer service hotline AND USE IT.

19-Aug-2019 18:10:43

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You keep making threads in several sections. You have a thread in the Account Help section.

I suggest you carry on using it.

This 1 is locked as it's more a Rant then anything else and when someone helps you you rant at them. Wynd was trying to help you out.
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STRESSED is just DESSERTS spelled backward. :P

19-Aug-2019 18:26:43

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